Terms & Conditions

  1. New students who register with Salsa Amsterdam, will be asked to pay an additional one-time €10,- sign-up fee.
  2. By registering for one or several of our courses, either by signing a paper registration form or by online registration through our website, you are obliged to pay the full course amount which
    you registered for.
  3. All payments should be received before the first class by Bank transfer or PIN (at our office).
  4. You can cancel your registration up till two weeks before the start of the new course. You will receive the total payment minus €20, – cancellation costs per Bank transfer. If no cancelation is received we hold the right to charge the FULL AMOUNT due. In the event of non-payment Incasso Federatie Nederland BV shall take legal action upon assignment of our office.
  5. You can cancel the course by email (info@salsamsterdam.nl) of in writing to SalsAmsterdam, Wenslauerstraat 22, 1053 BA, Amsterdam
  6. Absence through holidays, sickness/injury, moving, a different job etc., does not mean you aren’t obliged to pay the full amount of a course.
  7. Payments will not be refunded (no exceptions are made on this), are personal (cannot be transferred to another person) and are related to the course and period which you registered for.
  8. In case you are not able to attend/continue the course because of medical reasons, the (remaining) classes can be made up in the next season. This report is not retroactively and is valid from the day you report this to SalsAmsterdam. To file this report you will need to send us a copy of a doctor’s statement.
  9. If SalsAmsterdam for any reason has to cancel one of the courses, the full amount for the chosen course will be refunded to you by Bank transfer.
  10. If you would like to switch the day/time/level of a course, you can contact us by phone. You can have a maximum of 2 make-up lessons for missed classes in one course. If you are attending an Intensive Summer course or special workshop/event, it is not possible to have a make-up lesson for a missed lesson.
  11. Missed classes can be made up by contacting us (exclusively by E-mail)
  12. During registration SalsAmsterdam is already striving to create a balance between men/woman during our classes. To preserve this balance some students are allowed to dance in different classes of their own level or a lower level. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that every student has a dance partner during the whole hour. During the classes we switch dance partners regularly so that every student isn’t standing still longer than a few minutes.
  13. We don’t hold responsibility for any injuries, wounds etc.
  14. We don’t hold responsibility for missing items or theft during the classes.
  15. During the classes you don’t have to wear special clothes/shoes.
  16. Salsa is a dance in which you will dance with a partner, that’s why we expect all of our students to show up clean and neat for the classes.
  17. SalsAmsterdam has the right to cancel classes when there are not enough people in the class, SalsAmsterdam will then do everything possible to give you a good alternative.