Rodolfo Navarrete

Salsa Amsterdam Founder & Instructor

Rodolfo was one of the pioneers of dancing on 2 and cross-body style salsa in his home country Chile, with more than 16 years of experience and his own salsa school. His teaching aims at an evolution within mambo, trying to put together all abilities in order to show a new direction, with consummate respect for traditions. This way he has initiated a new trend in South American-style mambo salsa. After a successful career in Poland as one of the most respected and well-known international salsa instructors, choreographers and performers, he decided to turn over a new leaf and expand his frontiers. Nowadays he lives In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he continues to spread his visionary approach and infectious love of the Afro–Caribbean dancing culture.

Salsa Amsterdam Teacher

Janneke Bexkens

Dance partner & Instructor

Janneke had a passion for dance since her childhood. She started the dance academy at young age, where she also experienced salsa for the first time at a student exchange program for students of Cuba. She started dancing and teaching salsa in Eindhoven and became a member of the pro-team of the international show group Salsa Dance Squad. in The Hague. She became a performer on international stage and trainer for the SDS team in Eindhoven. Seven years ago she started the ladies show team La Diferencia. This was the kickoff for a new trend in the salsa world, in these choreography women were presented as strong, creative and independent women. Since then, they are a successful team who still inspire the international salsa scene. Janneke and Rodolfo created a partnership based on their experience, passion, and creativity. These combination of elements makes them a unique couple in show dancing and teaching. Her teaching skills can be described as detailed, with a lot of patience and humor.

Salsa Workshop Docent

Josefin Eliasson


Josefin started to dance salsa 9 years ago in her home country Sweden.She immediately discovered that dancing was her thing and soon she had tried several of the latin dances, such as cha-cha, jive, rumba, and tango. But salsa and bachata became her specialties. Josefin has been teaching for 8 years. Both in Sweden and in Holland, where she moved after falling in love with the Brazilian dances Zouk and Samba de Gafiera. Josefin has also been a member of an African band with singing, drumming and dancing. So the African dances such as kizomba and afro house/Kuduro have a special place in her dance heart.Except performing with the African band, she has also been on stage in various constellations with salsa and bachata shows. The most important for Josefin as an instructor is to spread the dance happiness. It´s such a pleasure to see people grow as persons when they discover the joy of dancing!

Tatiana Kalinina
From young age, Tatiana was fascinated by Latin-American dance. Introduction to salsa only happened in her late twenties, after moving to Amsterdam. Here she attended courses in several salsa schools and took classes from different teachers. Each one of them had something unique to give. In the past 5 years, Tatiana traveled to many international congresses, including  Cuba and Dominican Republic following the beat of music. At SalsAmsterdam she found not only a great teacher such Rodolfo, but a devoted team and group of friends.