Drop In Class

We offer Salsa drop in classes every day of the week. Our “Drop In” Salsa dance lessons are well attended by students of all ages and skill levels. We have advanced Salsa lessons as well as specialties salsa lessons. We offer fun salsa turn patterns in each of our salsa classes

       1. How Drop In Classes Work?

  •  Online registration.

You can send us an email to info@salsamsterdam.nl  Make your class payment and you are set to go.

  • €15 Cost / Per Class / Per Person

Payment can be made in class when you show up, or in advance: through bank transfer to: R M O NAVARRETE ZAPATA / NL44 INGB0748455205

2. Why Take Drop In Classes?

  •  Try one class before you register.

Take a drop in class to see if you like our teaching methods. This is a perfect way to find out. After taking the drop in classes you may love and wish to sign up for the full course.

  • Greater flexibility for people with limited time.

We all have busy lifestyles and may not be able to commit to 10 weeks of class. Taking a drop in class allows you to be more flexible with your time and schedule.